Sensato was founded on mission critical insights.

Sensato was founded by CEO John Gomez, who saw a disturbing trend among cybersecurity firms and IT professionals: a focus on protecting data from outmoded stereotypes of hackers.

What Gomez knew, and others are learning, is that the cybersecurity threat goes well beyond data: in today’s connected world, attackers have their sights set on critical infrastructure and healthcare. They endanger human lives by infiltrating systems in these sectors. They can. They have. And they will continue.

“Cybersecurity is about standing shoulder-to-shoulder and fighting one team.”
—John Gomez, Sensato CEO

Our mission is to stand between good and evil.

John Gomez founded Sensato with a mission. Not the boilerplate mission statement every company concocts. A true mission.

Gomez has developed an impressive arsenal for achieving this mission. Designing software from age 12, he went on to train in advanced technology. His expertise ranges from artificial intelligence and predictive systems to enterprise and cloud computing and security.

He understands the IT and security worlds from the inside out. His roles have included: a managing consultant for Microsoft, a CTO for WebMD, a consultant on agent technology for Intel (during the Pentium chip rollout), and CEO of Group Espada (special operations and tactics, counter-terrorism programs for military and law enforcement).

Sensato insight

Today's cybersecurity threat goes well beyond data

Attackers have their sights set on critical infrastructure and healthcare

We founded Sensato to literally save lives. 

Our cybersecurity solutions were forged and refined in the healthcare industry. Now we provide the same high level protection to businesses and organizations of all types.

Sensato was initially focused on providing leading-edge, realistic cybersecurity solutions to the healthcare and critical infrastructure sectors—where preventing a cybersecurity breach could literally mean the difference between life and death.

In 2015 and 2016, Sensato was named one of the Top 500 Most Innovative Cybersecurity Companies in the World. Sensato was also named 2016 Visionary Leader in Cybersecurity by Frost & Sullivan.

Sensato’s programs, systems, services, training, and intelligence gathering are the product of designing the highest level of security for those who provide critical services that impact human health and safety: healthcare, medical, pharmacological, and related organizations; law enforcement, fire, and emergency services; clean water, power, and heat providers.

We take our responsibility to protect all sectors—and, ultimately, people—from cyberattacks extremely seriously. 

What makes Sensato different is simple.

Our perspective

We use all our resources to determine how to break into a system. Only then can we design a solution capable of keeping out today's highly sophisticated and organized attackers. We call this the "attacker's perspective." It informs everything we do.

Our Passion

Our mission is to stand between good and evil—it is what drives us to prepare and perform as if lives depend on us. We believe they do. We pride ourselves in our ability to safeguard the systems and infrastructure that serve us all. 

Our People

Always act with honor, integrity, and passion. This is the code we each operate by. Regardless of specialty or role, we each dedicate our lives to honing our craft and achieving excellence.

Sensato Insight

The cost of setting up proper cybersecurity is a fraction of what an organization could lose in an attack.

It is critical to ask yourself what would happen if a cybercriminal or virus got into your systems.

Sensato in the News

FDA Reacts to Critique of Medical Device Security Strategy

NOV 07, 2018  |FDA notes it recently signed a memoranda of understanding with two information sharing and analysis organizations - the National Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (recently renamed H-ISAC) - and the Sensato Critical Infrastructure ISAO. Read more

Critical Condition: Medical Technology Cybersecurity

July 06, 2018  |  “Everything that makes healthcare more efficient, every access point, new device, or algorithm, for every positive there’s a negative: risk and vulnerability,” warns Tom Ridge, the first secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Read more

Confronting Today's Cyber Threats Requires a Change in Mindset

MAR 2, 2018  |  "The challenges associated with mitigating cyber threats is one of biggest issues facing security professionals today and it impacts every nook and cranny of the industry. No longer can physical security practitioners, systems integrators and manufacturers sit on the sidelines and act as if the burdens that were the traditional purview of network and IT security are not equally shared. The reality of technology convergence means that cybersecurity is everyone’s problem – from the board and C-suite down to each rank-and-file employee." Read more

Divurgent, Sensato unveil new Medical Device Cybersecurity Task ...

APR 21, 2016  |  "Healthcare security technology vendor Sensato and consulting firm Divurgent created the Medical Device Cybersecurity Task Force, a new group focused on developing best practices for both healthcare organizations and medical device manufacturers to secure the devices, which are widely recognized as an under-protected technology." Read more

Sensato Press Releases

FDA Partners with Sensato-ISAO and H-ISAC to Create Open Source Cybersecurity Intelligence Network and Resource

OCT 09, 2018 |FDA, Sensato and H-ISAC created the network to ensure that essential medical device and healthcare cybersecurity vulnerability information can be shared with all stakeholders across the healthcare and public health sector. Read more

Sensato Launches Free Educational Cybersecurity Series with CEU Credits

SEPT 14, 2018 |Cybersecurity professionals can learn critical industry intelligence and have the opportunity to earn continuing education unit credits through the Sensato University Educational Webinar Series, beginning September 20th. Read more

Cybersecurity for Healthcare Organizations. PHOTO: Cybercrime Magazine. Healthcare Organizations Are Hard Pressed To Solve 2020 Cybersecurity Problems With 2010 Solutions

AUG 16, 2018  |  Cybercrime Magazine met with John Gomez, CEO of Sensato Cybersecurity Solutions, to discuss his background in healthcare IT, as well as the latest innovations to keep hospitals and medical devices secure and protected from cyber attacks. Read more

Sensato Cybersecurity Alert to Healthcare Industry: Healthcare Leading Target for Cyber Attackers

JULY 12, 2018 |Healthcare is among the most targeted industries for cyber attackers. This advisory shares key statistics and tips for combating this menace. Read more

Sensato Cybersecurity Solutions Launches Education and Prevention Campaign for Emerging Orangeworm

MAY 30, 2018 | "We believe the attackers are currently performing advanced staging and the attackers have not yet identified themselves. They could be a part of a criminal organization that intends to leverage this vector as espionage-as-a-service program or a terrorist organization that may employ cyber-munitions at a later date." Read more

New Jersey Hospital Association Selects Sensato Cybersecurity Solutions as Strategic Partner

MAY 24, 2017  |  "First-of-its-kind cybersecurity partnership will afford New Jersey healthcare organizations advanced cybersecurity guidance, training and solutions." Read more

Sensato Cybersecurity Solutions Introduces Cybersecurity Last Line of Defense

FEB 6, 2018  |  "Sensato Cybersecurity Solutions is introducing Sensato-Nightingale, a cybersecurity solution designed by cyber attackers to catch cyber attackers. Sensato-Nightingale is a combination of a honeypot, forensic collection tool and countermeasures platform. Nightingale is designed to compliment current first tier cybersecurity tools by providing a simple, yet highly effective, cause and effect approach to breach detection." Read more