Know thy enemy

We know the enemy and we use that knowledge against them

This is exactly what Sensato excels at. We look at cybersecurity from the perspective of the attacker, then reverse engineer our solutions to thwart their efforts. 

“We want to put you into the mind of the attacker, get inside their tactics. Then turn things inside out so that you are able to evaluate and develop the most effective countermeasures.”
—John Gomez, Sensato CEO

The attacker's perspective

The attacker's perspective has no rules of engagement. Put morality and conscience aside and think of the most fierce and brazen approaches to penetrating someone’s defenses.

Do not underestimate the attacker. “These organizations are run like Fortune 500 companies in Silicon Valley. They recruit computer science majors at colleges, offering signing bonuses for lucrative careers with full benefits,” explains John Gomez, Sensato CEO.

They have highly sophisticated intelligence gathering methods and infiltration approaches, well beyond what even the most seasoned cyber-security specialist or CISO may realize.

To get the upper hand, Sensato uses the attacker's own tactics and methods against them—going deep into the psychology, motivation and tactics being employed by nation states, cyber-criminals and terrorists.

Sensato Insight
The word hacker, in and of itself, is dated.
You’re not hacked, you’re attacked—by cyber criminals, cyber spies, and cyber terrorists. That shift in mindset is critical to your success.

Sensato Services

From testing and detection through to training—we use the attacker's perspective to empower you and your team

Penetration testing

How secure is your organization? Your most valuable assets? Through a sanctioned attack, Sensato will help you identify vulnerabilities in your defense systems. Use penetration testing to gain critical insights on how to improve your defenses.
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Protect your organization with a breach detection system designed to use the attacker’s own tactics and methods against them. Sensato-Nightingale is one of the first tools to provide automated counter measures to help you fight back.
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Train Your Team

Take your team to the next level. Sensato’s tactical training programs and drills help IT teams prepare, defend and respond. We share knowledge and expertise of real-world cyberattackers’ tactics and approaches to help you fight on a number of fronts.
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