The Sensato advantage

What makes Sensato different is simple

Our perspective

We use all our resources to determine how to break into a system. Only then can we design a solution capable of keeping out today’s highly sophisticated and organized attackers. We call this the "attacker’s perspective." It informs everything we do.

Our Passion

Our mission is to stand between good and evil—it is what drives us to prepare and perform as if lives depend on us. We believe they do. We pride ourselves in our ability to safeguard the systems and infrastructure that serve us all. 

Our People

Always act with honor, integrity, and passion. This is the code we each operate by. Regardless of specialty or role, we each dedicate our lives to honing our craft and achieving excellence.

Sensato Insight
The cost of setting up proper cybersecurity is a fraction of what an organization could lose in an attack.
It is critical to ask yourself what would happen if a cybercriminal or virus got into your systems.

Sensato was founded on mission critical insights

Sensato was founded by CEO John Gomez, who saw a disturbing trend among cybersecurity firms and IT professionals: a focus on protecting data from outmoded stereotypes of hackers.

What Gomez knew, and others are learning, is that the cybersecurity threat goes well beyond data: in today’s connected world, attackers have their sights set on critical infrastructure and healthcare. They endanger human lives by infiltrating systems in these sectors. They can. They have. And they will continue.

“Cybersecurity is about standing shoulder-to-shoulder and fighting one team.”
—John Gomez, Sensato CEO

Our mission is to stand between good and evil.

John Gomez founded Sensato with a mission. Not the boilerplate mission statement every company concocts. A true mission.

Gomez has developed an impressive arsenal for achieving this mission. Designing software from age 12, he went on to train in advanced technology. His expertise ranges from artificial intelligence and predictive systems to enterprise and cloud computing and security.

He understands the IT and security worlds from the inside out. His roles have included: a managing consultant for Microsoft, a CTO for WebMD, a consultant on agent technology for Intel (during the Pentium chip rollout), and CEO of Group Espada (special operations and tactics, counter-terrorism programs for military and law enforcement).

Key Partnerships