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Cybersecurity for Critical Access and Rural Health

A no-compromise cybersecurity software platform to help you safeguard your patients' lives

The Critical Access and Rural Health (CARH) Program is an end-to-end managed cybersecurity solution. It provides an integrated security platform covering servers, networks, and medical devices.

The solution includes 24x7 monitoring, threat intelligence, deception technology, policy & governance, and much more – all specifically crafted to meet the needs of the critical access and rural hospital environment!

I keep telling our Governing Board and the Senior Leadership Team that we don’t know who or what could be on our network because we don’t have the means to monitor it. But now, with the help of Sensato, we do!!! This is a CIO’s dream come true!
—Tim Hiatt, CIO, Brodstone Memorial Hospital
Sensato is indeed part of our long-term plans. They do things that would be very difficult for us to do with out small team. They are taking on our burdens and allowing us to manage the day-to-day cybersecurity issues by exception.
—CIO, KLAS Survey Response
Sensato is very competitive in terms of pricing. We felt like they gave us the best bang for our buck. We felt like we were offered a great value with a complete service that we still needed.
—Director, KLAS Survey Response
I have been really impressed with the system from Sensato Cybersecurity Solutions. It is a fantastic fit for a lot of community-based hospitals that are interested in looking at a cybersecurity program. I am very pleased.
—Anonymous customer feedback provided to KLAS interviewer
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Holistic Cybersecurity Solution for Critical Access and Rural Hospitals

Why the CARH Program?

Because it is the only cybersecurity program designed for Critical Access and Rural Hospitals
icon: Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

  • Includes server, medical device and network security  
  • Understand security risks and policy gaps
  • Deception and breach detection technologies
  • Threat Intelligence program
  • Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment – develop and improve your cybersecurity capabilities
icon: Monitoring

24x7 Monitoring & Incident Response

  • Our state-of-the-art Cybersecurity Tactical Operations Center (CTOC) provides 24x7 monitoring
  • Delivers advanced threat detection and incident response
  • We are unique – our cybersecurity team will partner with and support you through every step of the process to strengthen your security capabilities
Icon: Integrated Platform

Fully Integrated / Connected Platform

  • Sensato’s Nightingale™ is one of the first tools in the market providing automated countermeasure capabilities to aid in remediation
  • Nightingale™ detects breaches within minutes!
icon: Cost Effective

Subscription Model

  • Cost-effective and comprehensive cybersecurity toolkit
  • Fully managed end-to-end solution eliminating local resource requirements
icon: Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

  • Our solutions are not only advanced but are also designed for quick and easy deployment, saving you resources, costs and time

A Comprehensive Solution

Comprehensive and crafted to meet the needs of the critical access and rural hospital environment
Sensato Insight
89% of healthcare organizations experienced a data breach in the past two years.
But don't worry, we have your back.
We are proud of our 100% on-time, on-budget delivery.

Learn how Sensato-CARH can work for you

Sensato-CARH is the only program offering Critical Access and Rural Hospitals advanced cybersecurity solutions.

Designed to protect your network, servers, and network-attached medical devices, our program includes a fully managed end-to-end cybersecurity platform, detection and deception technology, continuous monitoring, incident response, forensics, countermeasures and more.

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