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Nightingale Honeypot

Rapidly Deployed. Highly Effective.

Why use a Nightingale Honeypot? Because it scares attackers. When asking attackers—cyber-criminals, cyber-spies, and even some cyber-terrorists—“what scares you the most when you breach a network?” ninety-four percent stated, without hesitation, “finding a honeypot!” Using this insight, Sensato crafted the most powerful, easy-to-deploy, easy-to-operate, and reliable honeypot…the Nightingale Honeypot.

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Sensato Insight
Honeypots scare 94% of cyber attackers
When asked “what scares you the most when you breach a network?” ninety-four percent stated, without hesitation, “finding a honeypot!”

Designed by Attackers, Trusted by Defenders

Learn why defenders trust the Sensato Honeypot
Highly Effective
Designed to Scale
Centrally Managed
Part of the Nightingale Family
Choose from a VM or physical appliance option, and you can be up and running in no time. On average, in less than 30 minutes, the honeypot is deployed.
Each Nightingale Honeypot is auto-healing and auto-updating. No need to apply patches, fixes, or updates—it is all included and automated.
By default, each Nightingale Honeypot is deployed with all ports open and services running. Regardless of the type of attack, probe, ping, or query an attacker may try—zero-day or old school—the honeypot is ready to react. 
Deploy one or thousands. The Nightingale Honeypot is a powerful and effective solution complementing and evolving your defensive strategy. 
The Nightingale Honeypot is deployed on your local network but managed through the Sensato cloud. Meaning no matter where you are, the Nightingale Honeypot is always just a few clicks away. 
The Nightingale Honeypot can be deployed out of the box, or tailored to meet specific needs. Nightingale Honeypots include powerful whitelist and profile options allowing you to get it just right. 
The Nightingale Honeypot is a fantastic stand-alone solution helping you defend your network(s). It is even more amazing when you invite its extended family to participate as part of a unified and holistic strategy. The Nightingale family includes NIDS, HIDS, SIEM, Incident Response, Asset Fingerprinting, and Compliance tools, and much more! 

Why is the Nightingale Honeypot so effective?

There is a single truth in the world of cybersecurity, which is for an attack to be successful on a network, it must connect to a device. It doesn't matter if it is a zero-day attack or a well-known attack; the attacker must establish a connection with the target.​

Nightingale Honeypots are pre-configured to listen for network traffic across all TCP and UDP ports and facilitate ICMP requests. Meaning that regardless of how the attacker targets devices on your network, no matter how stealthy they may be, how crafty or persistent – if they interact with a Nightingale Honeypot in any way – the jig is up.​

If an attacker interacts with a Nightingale Honeypot, the jig is up immediately.

Nightingale Honeypots are a "cause and effect" methodology. They do not try to analyze the attack, evaluate the motivation, or employ forensics. Their sole responsibility is to alert you that someone is doing something that they should not be doing on your network.  ​

Most attackers will begin to scan and traverse the network to catalog vulnerable assets and escalate their attack upon the initial compromise of your system. This tactic is part of the "attackers' methodology," which is what a Nightingale Honeypot detects.

Nightingale Honeypot: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 done!

Designed for easy deployment and ownership, most clients are protecting their networks in less than 30 minutes!
Number 5

Login to
Sensato Cloud

Number 4

Create a unique name for your Honeypot

Number 3

Answer Four Questions...or Not*

Number 2

Connect the Honeypot to your network​

Number 1

Power up and you're done!

You can choose either a VM or physical appliance or mix-and-match as your environment requires. Regardless of the deployment vehicle, you will be up and running in no time!​

Once turned on the Nightingale Honeypot will 'call home' and update automatically. Then you can deal with other essential duties in your day or further customize the Nightingale Honeypot. Customizing includes adding whitelists, custom profiles, or sending alerts to specific e-mail addresses or employ SMS alerts. ​

Using our exclusive "Nightingale Over the Air Services Framework" or Nightingale-OASF™, the honeypot can be managed anywhere and automatically keeps itself up-to-date.  

*Dynamic Networks require no initial configuration. Static networks require you to answer four questions.

Immediate Results

Nightingale Honeypots go to work immediately upon deployment. Here are just a few of the many cases where Nightingale Honeypots are defending their owner's networks every day.

A New Jersey hospital elected to deploy five Nightingale Honeypots on their network. Within three minutes of deployment, the first Nightingale Honeypot started to fire alerts.  

The hospital team investigated the interrogating IP and found that an attacker had deployed a network scanner.  Forensics showed the attacker had gained network access 70 days earlier.

Nightingale Honeypot detects breaches within minutes. When you're attacked, every second counts. 

A client reported a situation where an accounting intern attempted to breach network databases.  

Scanning the network for port 1433 tripped the Nightingale Honeypot, deployed four months earlier.

Upon the investigation, the intern admitted to selling data on the dark web.

Nightingale Honeypots enable you to stop attackers in their tracks.

3:00 AM Sunday. Multiple Nightingale Honeypots on a client network generated alerts, all from the same interrogating IP address. The on-call IT team member was able to determine that the interrogating IP was a laptop left on the network, which had downloaded ransomware earlier in the day.  

The ransomware attack was cataloging systems that allowed SMB traffic in preparation for a second stage of the attack. The planned second stage attack never occurred. Nightingale Honeypots allowed the IT team time to shut down the laptop and prevent the spread of the attack.

Nightingale Honeypots empower your incident response team to start responding to threats immediately.

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