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Penetration Testing

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A simulated cyberattack against your computer to check for vulnerabilities

Create the conditions for success—test with the best. Penetration testing is a polite way
of describing a sanctioned attack on your organization’s network. By using everything Sensato learned and mastered, as well as collectively experienced and pioneered, we are positioned to identify any and all vulnerabilities inside your systems, applications, infrastructure, and overall ecosystem.

“Too many approaches embraced in cybersecurity are based on practices that were relevant in 2010. One of our key guiding principles is to do all we can to advance cybersecurity tools and practices in
an effective manner."

—Kate Macaleer, Senior Vice President of Operations, Sensato

Sensato has performed hundreds of penetration tests, pioneering the use of intelligence gathering in our attack methodology. We test everything, because attackers will take advantage of anything.

Applications: Design flaws & Vulnerabilities

  • Software: cloud, web, desktop, other
  • Hardware: desktop computers, laptops, devices, robots, other

Networks: infrastructure access points

  • Internal: systems inside the organization
  • External: public-facing IP addresses
  • Wireless: wifi systems and access points

Physical safeguards: physical access points

  • IT facilities
  • All facilities

Social: Psychology & profiling

  • Phishing, email attacks
  • Vishing, phone attacks
  • Other social engineering based approaches
Sensato Insight
Many SOCs spend more annually in technology than in testing or training to confirm they are ready.
Learn about the SOC myths and fallacies that our investigation uncovered.