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Cybersecurity Advisory Services

A reimagined approach to Cybersecurity.

Why use Sensato Advisory Services? When Sensato first formed, the belief was that all cybersecurity services and solutions were on the leading edge. That given the responsibility entrusted to cybersecurity professionals, they would have the most advanced approaches, technologies, and solutions. We quickly learned that this was an ill-conceived assumption.

Since its inception, Sensato decided to turn left and take the path least traveled. We designed our service practices based on the attacker’s perspective. Our focus is on effective approaches that ensure we question everything and reimagine cybersecurity.

Today, Sensato provides the most innovative and sought-after cybersecurity solutions. 

Sensato Advisory Services at a Glance

Incident Response icon

Incident Response

Real-world cybersecurity incidents take place in minutes – usually within 14 minutes. That is why we redesigned Incident Response to respond to an attack in a real-world manner, effectively—just real-world protocols and immediate action drills that are proven.

Penetration Training icon

Penetration Testing

Most penetration testing practices are based on 2010 approaches. Meanwhile, attackers are executing highly sophisticated attacks that didn’t even exist in 2010.  That is why we have completely reimagined penetration testing. 

Icon of a caution triangle with an exclamation point inside

Risk Assessments

Sensato has developed new approaches to cybersecurity and privacy risk assessments. Our programs help you understand your Cybersecurity Maturity or how you comply with NIST 800-53, HIPAA, or NIST CSF.

Tabletop simulation icon

Tabletop Simulation

Approximately one-thousand people have completed the Sensato tabletop simulation program. They have rated it as the best cybersecurity program they have ever experienced. Rather than go on about all its virtues, we think the results speak for themselves. We appreciate the opportunity to work with your team.

Icon of a gun site with playbook icons within

Threat Hunting

Our approach to threat hunting is leading-edge. We are using a military/IC approach for threat hunting that also includes our Nightingale platform. With the sole objective of finding someone inside your network that shouldn’t be and, if so, contain and eradicate them because no tool or strategy is 100% foolproof.  

Icon of a computer monitor and coding symbols

Writing Security Code

A comprehensive program that teaches software engineers, product managers, QA engineers, and others how to design, develop, deploy, and market software. This training is a technology-agnostic approach that is appropriate for any technical environment. 

Image of the definition of the word "Reimagine: verb. Reinterpret (an event, work of art, etc.) imaginatively; rethink."

What does it mean to reimagine cybersecurity services?

It means you strip away the nonsense. 
You respect the audacity of the attackers. You stop rationalizing. You embrace the limitations of your clients and understand their challenges and priorities. You stop living in the past. You adopt an attacker's mindset. You demonstrate incredible value.

Even today, most cybersecurity solutions are based on lessons learned in 2010.

Sensato Advisory Services are unique yet practical. Designed from the attacker's perspective, we always think and act like the attacker. That is how and why Sensato created the attacker's methodology. Our team researched and developed Rational Response Theory (RRT) and the Rapid Assessment Program (RAP). We rewrote Incident Response and created Tactical Incident Response and the Rapid Response Methodology, and formed partnerships that allow unparalleled access to threat intelligence.

Sensato will always question, analyze, rethink, and encourage imaginations to evolve our offerings. All for one mission – to stand between you and those who mean to do you harm.

Sensato Advisory Services: Options

The Sensato Advisory Services for Cybersecurity can be deployed as a single module, addressing specific requirements or an integrated platform providing a complete cybersecurity operational program.
Illustration diagram of all the Sensato Advisory Services as a puzzle that fits together as one cohesive whole.

Single Solution

Incident Response, Penetration Testing, Risk Assessments, Tabletop Simulations, Threat Hunting, Writing Secure Code are all available solutions focusing on specific cybersecurity strategies.

Strategic Foundation

For those seeking to deploy a full cybersecurity program, the Sensato Advisory Services are consolidated as an integrated solution offering. This approach provides you with a robust roadmap, subscription-based pricing, and on-going guidance and support. All delivered with a reimagined system to Security Operations and cybersecurity platform.


If you elect to use one of our solutions or embrace our entire platform, all Sensato offerings can be completely customized to meet your vision.

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