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Cybersecurity Insider Program

Last Thursday of Every Month
2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ET

The Sensato Cybersecurity Insider Program is a community focused on taking action to protect your patients and healthcare organization from cyberattacks.  

You'll get exclusive access to live monthly educational webinars, on-demand training sessions, threat intelligence alerts, and more.
Highlights of membership include:
- Monthly free cybersecurity education - taking place on the last Thursday of every month at 2pm ET
- Ongoing alerts to high-risk cybersecurity threats with recommended actions
- Access to a private YouTube channel (you'll get immediate access upon program registration)
- Access to a private LinkedIn Group
- Exclusive access to special events

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~oN-dEMAND Webinar~

Refocusing Your Medical Device Security Program Around Protecting Human Life

A healthsystemCIO Webinar


Most healthcare security programs and regulations focus on protecting data, but such an approach can leave many necessary steps undone when it comes to medical devices. Unlike many threats, cyberattacks on medical devices have direct and immediate patient safety ramifications, which those leading security must consider. And when considered, those executives soon realize they must build stronger relationships, have more profound and more frequent conversations, and establish emergency processes with clinical leaders.

In this important webinar, we’ll hear from executives who have worked to ensure that patients stay safe if medical devices go down due to a cyberattack and you'll get their perspective on the changing direction of healthcare cybersecurity.

Todd Bell, CISO & Executive Director, IT Compliance - Valleywise Health
Theresa Meadows, RN, SVP/CIO - Cook Children's Health Care System
Rich Temple, VP/CIO - Deborah Heart and Lung Center
John Gomez, CEO - Sensato Cybersecurity
Moderator: Anthony Guerra, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, healthsystemCIO

~On Demand TRAINING~

CYBERSECURITY TRAINING SERIES: Tactical Strategies to Thwart Today's Modern Attacks

6-Part Series

Access this 6-part training series that shares details of modern-day attacks and learn tactical strategies that you can implement at your healthcare organization to be prepared in the event of an attack.

This training series is based on real-world cybersecurity missions that combine tactical and strategic elements. Each training session will dive into a topic from the attackers' perspective, and we will dissect the latest threats, tactics, and techniques of the cyberattacks.

We share the best practices to defend against these specific attacks. You will learn how to evolve the cybersecurity skills of you and your team.

Here's a sample of the training sessions over the 6-part series:

Session I: Circumventing Firewalls, VPNs, and Portals "Oh My!"
Session II: Breaching Life Support Systems
Session III: Advanced Social Compromises
Session IV: Low and Slow Attacks
Session V: K2K Attacks
Session VI: Overcoming Physical and Network Attacks

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~On-demand resources~

Cybersecurity Educational Resources


Visit our Cybersecurity Resource Page by Clicking the Access Now Button Below

Our mission is to help healthcare organizations defend against and stop cyber attacks. We offer a wide variety of educational resources on the topics below.

Medical Device Cybersecurity
Tactical Incident Response
Holistic Cybersecurity
Ransomware Training
...and more!

Check out the on-demand webinars by clicking below and feel free to reach out to us at info@sensato.co with any questions or if you want to discuss your cybersecurity needs.

~On-demand Webinars~

Medical Device Security 3-Part Series

Patient safety should be the number one consideration in your Medical Device Cybersecurity plan.  

Watch this 3-part training series to learn how to make sure patients connected to medical devices are the first consideration in your medical device cybersecurity program. Patient safety is achieved by going beyond just deploying software. Learn how to comply with best practices, detect threats on medical devices, and how to consider the patient first when responding to a cyberattack on medical devices.

You'll earn how to get your IT and bio-medical teams to work together to effectively respond to a medical device cybersecurity attack.

Critical Access & Rural Hospitals: Understanding Your Cybersecurity Maturity

On-Demand Webinar

Traditional risk assessments are often overwhelming, fail to create alignment, take way too long to complete and are too technical.
We understand that critical access and rural hospitals have unique needs. A risk assessment should provide actionable findings and recommendations specific to your needs.

Watch this webinar to learn about a cybersecurity maturity model to quickly identify and prioritize your top cybersecurity challenges. The model is based on the proven U.S. Department of Energy Cybersecurity Model for addressing cyber threats. We added a strong methodology and adapted it for healthcare.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
- Create boardroom-to-basement alignment using an easy-to-read dashboard
- Assess your level of cybersecurity maturity (on a scale of 0-3)
- Prioritize cybersecurity areas that need attention first

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