One Hospital’s Cybersecurity Success Story

Learn How Lake Regional’s New Approach to Cybersecurity Allowed Them to Achieve Boardroom Alignment and Funding for Cybersecurity

Medical Device Cybersecurity

Our medical device cybersecurity solution isn't just amazing software—it goes well beyond what others dream - including being the only solution to address all of the FDA/MITRE recommendations
MD-COP includes written policy and risk assessment templates, FDA & device manufacturer relationships, and the industry's only clinical rapid response program!

What's your cybersecurity maturity level?

What if you could know your cybersecurity maturity level in less than two weeks AND, also create boardroom-to-basement alignment around your cybersecurity strategy? You can with C2M2!
Sensato Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (C2M2) – Learn your cybersecurity maturity level, including your top risks and gaps, and get a three-year cybersecurity roadmap.

SOCs are so 2010!

Most Security Operations Centers are fancy help desks employing practices from 2010. That is why we operate a Cybersecurity Tactical Operations Center (CTOC).  
Sensato CTOC is based on the military concept of a tactical operations center and goes well beyond that 2010 definition of SOC.

Cybersecurity Powerhouse

The most powerful Cybersecurity platform created.
Sensato's Deception Technology Dashboard

Fully integrated NIDS, HIDS, Honeypots, SIEM, Incident Response, and Maturity Modeling all deployable in hours... SENSATO NIGHTINGALE.

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Our KLAS Score

KLAS is a leading healthcare IT research firm known for creating a definitive and transparent ranking of vendors in the healthcare industry. The insights contained in this report are a compilation of data gathered from interviews with healthcare providers and represent a snapshot in time of information in the KLAS database. The data represents opinions of providers and does not represent the opinion of KLAS.

Access the Sensato KLAS Summary 2021.

Sensato Cybersecurity Solutions KLAS overall Vendor Score
See our KLAS Score details here.

The best way to stop cybercriminals from accessing your network and patients is by having a holistic cybersecurity strategy.

Sensato…healthcare focused, widely regarded

Our healthcare origins grant us a unique perspective on protecting critical assets, not typically found with most cybersecurity firms. After all, we are ultimately protecting lives. Today, the same approaches, once exclusively offered to healthcare, are available to you.
Icon representing Sensato's Nightingale product

Sensato Nightingale

A fully integrated cybersecurity platform that integrates compliance, detection, and response seamlessly like no other solution.
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Icon representing Sensato's CTOC


Security Operations Centers are so 2010! That’s why we created the first Cybersecurity Tactical Operations Center—it’s not a SOC…it’s a CTOC.
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Icon representing Sensato's C2M2 product

Sensato C2M2

Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (C2M2) is a two-day workshop creating boardroom-to-basement cybersecurity alignment and quickly identifying risks.
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Icon representing Sensato's CTS service

Sensato CTS

Tabletop Simulation incorporating tactical response, amazing simulations, and going well beyond the present incident response challenges.
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Icon representing Sensato's penetration testing

Sensato Pen Test

Sensato provides penetration testing services that can be explicitly right-sized to your objectives.
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Healthcare Specific Solutions

Sensato was the first cybersecurity firm specifically focused on safeguarding hospital information systems. Today we continue to evolve and innovate our healthcare-specific offerings. Our unique understanding of healthcare allows us to formulate solutions that recognize and respect the complexity of healthcare.
Icon representing Sensato's CARH product


We created a fully managed cybersecurity package exclusively for Critical Access and Rural Health hospitals. It includes software, hardware, training, deployment, and 24x7 monitoring.
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Sensato MD-COP

The only medical device cybersecurity solution that exceeds the FDA/MITRE recommendations.
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Icon representing Sensato's C2M2/H product

Sensato C2M2/H

Our highly successful C2M2 program, but specifically tailored to meet the requirements of HIPAA.
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Sensato Insight
Cyber attackers are only interested in generating profits
Career attackers have quarterly targets, with substantial bonuses for hitting their quotas. They don’t care if the data comes from a large company or a small one, a non-profit hospital or a bank, as long as they meet their quotas.

A Security Operations Center for today's requirements

CTOC badge medallion

Is your view of a Security Operations Center aligned with today's requirements? The Sensato Cybersecurity Tactical Operations Center (CTOC) exceeds today's operational and response needs. The Sensato CTOC is an extension of the Sensato Nightingale Platform. Providing 24x7 eyes on glass to advisory services, the CTOC is enabled to support your unique objectives. 

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Sensato Insight
Our extensive healthcare industry investigation uncovered that many SOCs fail. 
Learn about the SOC myths and fallacies that our investigation uncovered.

Knowledge is power. Learn more with Sensato-Insights.

Resources for Cybersecurity Awareness Month
In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we are rounding up educational resources, trainings, and some live sessions to give you tips for advancing cybersecurity at your hospital. Read here and choose your specific topic of interest.
Three Components to Build a Strong Cybersecurity Strategy for Rural Hospitals
While the immediate focus for rural hospitals is getting in front of this pandemic, there’s another unseen beast in the form of cyber criminals that are likely making plans to execute cyberattacks on hospitals. Learn three ways rural hospitals can prepare for the long-term to fight these cybercriminals.