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Breach detection designed to help you fight back.



Comprehensive, cost-effective protection crafted specifically for healthcare information technology.


Security Operations

A command post for managing and responding to cyberattacks.

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FDA Partners with Sensato-ISAO and H-ISAC to Create Open Source Cybersecurity Intelligence Network and Resource
We are not just another cybersecurity firm.

We are your secret weapon. Sensato is a cybersecurity tactical team dedicated to developing the best security solutions and ensuring you don't fall prey to common misconceptions about effective cybersecurity.

“It’s our duty and our honor to stand between good and evil. That’s our mission. That’s our passion. That’s our purpose.”
—John Gomez, Sensato CEO

A cybersecurity tactical team

Sensato is home to an amazing group of thought leaders and software developers whose talents have contributed to Microsoft, Intel, HR Block, WebMD, Eclipsys, AllScripts, JGo Labs, and a variety of gaming, mobile platforms, e-commerce, healthcare, finance, and cyber-munitions software.

Each Sensato team member has been chosen for their exceptional skills as well as their ability to act with honor, integrity, and passion. We live our very lives by a strict code of ethics, holding each other to the highest standards of performance. 

Our multidisciplinary team includes intelligence specialists, analysts, medical device researchers, skilled attackers, strategists and educators. Each team member is exceptionally talented, experienced, and committed.

Myth Buster

Cyber attackers are only interested in the largest targets.

Career attackers have quarterly targets, with bonuses like brand-new Ferraris, for hitting their quotas. They don’t care if the data comes from a large company or a small one, as long as they meet their quotas.
We have your back—from testing and detection through to the next evolution of the SOC.
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Penetration testing

How secure is your organization? Your most valuable assets? Through a sanctioned attack, Sensato will help you identify vulnerabilities in your defense systems. Use penetration testing to gain critical insights on how to improve your defenses.
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Icon of a barrier with a hole in it, representing a cybersecurity breach


Protect your organization with a breach detection system designed to use the attacker’s perspective and own tactics and methods against them. Sensato-Nightingale is one of the first tools to provide automated counter measures to help you fight back.
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SOC Evolution

A command post for managing and responding to cyberattacks. Avoid the time, expense, and resources required to deploy and maintain multiple-point security solutions with Sensato's Cybersecurity Tactical Operations Center (CTOC).
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Sensato insight

Our year long investigation uncovered that many SOCs fail. 

Learn about the SOC myths and fallacies that our investigation uncovered.
Knowledge is power. Learn more with Sensato Insights.
Sensato-TIB: DNS Attack
DHS/CISA has been tracking attacks against DNS infrastructure. These attacks have increased in frequency over the past 48-hours specifically targeting critical infrastructure sectors.
2019 Cybersecurity Guide: Aligning Threat Preparedness with Threat Landscape
Are you ready for 2019? You can bet that attackers are! Here are best practices for the emerging threat landscape in the New Year.