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Train Your Team

Sensato's elite tactical training and realistic drills

Take your team to the next level. Ensure your team has up-to-the-minute knowledge and tactical training. Then put them through drills based on real life scenarios. Drills will give you insights into how things will happen when anything goes wrong.

“Don’t just train—drill! You can’t know how well you and your staff will perform until you’re actually under attack, and you don’t want the first time to be a real attack. IT security staff need to know in advance how they will respond on their worst day.”
—Kelli Watson, Vice President of Solutions Delivery, Sensato


Lead by specialists with a deep understanding of the cyberattacker mindset and methods, Sensato’s tactical training programs and drills help IT teams prepare, defend, and respond effectively.

From writing secure code to creating tactical response plans to learning from attack simulations, we work to provide IT teams with the skills, preparedness, and muscle memory they need to defend against and respond efficiently to cyberattacks.

Cyberattackers use many different tactics and approaches, so we share our knowledge and expertise to help you fight on a number of fronts.

Sensato Insight
Many security teams are unprepared.
When it comes to incident response, security breaches and team cohesion, companies are discovering that their security teams do not have the knowledge, training or experience to successfully protect their most valuable assets.

Sensato Tactical Response Platform

Don't just plan. Prepare.

Properly prepare your team. Develop your incident response plan for the realities of current day cyber warfare.

5 days is all it takes for your team to become certified in the Sensato Tactical Response Platform—a new approach to incident response based on real-world attacks.

Real World 

An incident response plan is not enough to stand up to the violence of a cybersecurity attack. In the real world, your help desk is on the front lines, busy addressing end user demands and institutional requirements. By the time your front line realizes that you are under attack and you invoke your "plan," it will be all over.

Ground Breaking

We studied Special Operations teams and ICU nurses, infusing their tradecraft into our cybersecurity incident response platform. If you are not familiar with and instituting standing orders, protocols, and immediate action drills, then you’re not on the leading edge of incident response.


To date, we have trained and certified over 100 cybersecurity professionals on the Sensato Tactical Response Framework, and the one thing they can tell you is— it works! It stands up to first contact and beyond.

Attack Simulation

Real threats. Real incidents. Real outcomes.

The best learning tool is experience. You don’t want your first experience of a cyberattack to be during a real attack on your organization.

Sensato’s Cybersecurity Tabletop Simulation (CTS) was developed for just this reason.

We can help your team safely analyze their ability and readiness to respond to cybersecurity incidents. A workshop conducted over a two-day period, the Sensato-CTS includes real-life scenarios based on the latest cybersecurity intelligence. The key is to help you and your team learn and evolve.

Revolutionary Approach

A workshop conducted over a two-day period, the Sensato-CTS includes real-life scenarios based on the latest cybersecurity intelligence. The key is to help you and your team learn and evolve.

Evolutionary Cadence

Sensato-CTS embraces a crawl-walk-run approach to the program. After completing modules on cyber incident response, effective team management and effective risk management, team members are presented with a threat intelligence briefing. Teams are then introduced to a series of cybersecurity incidents that grow in complexity as the workshop progresses. After each incident, teams score their response and evaluate opportunities for improvement. The net result is continued learning and evolution of the cybersecurity incident response team.


Sensato-CTS is designed to test how policy supports process and how process becomes practice. Sensato-CTS uses NIST as the foundational guideline, though teams are able to use any policy framework they feel is appropriate.

Write secure code

The heart of security. Code level.

Embrace secure code—differentiate your product in the market, protect data, and protect privacy.

Sensato-Write Secure Code (S-WSC) is a three-day intensive training program that lets you take advantage of everything Sensato has learned about breaking systems, designing systems, writing secure code, and responding to cyberattacks.

Multi-faceted learning opportunity

Presented by real-world attackers with highly advanced backgrounds in software design and development, there is no other program as real-world, timely, or in-depth as Sensato-WSC.

Sensato-WSC combines a variety of instructional methods to create a multi-faceted learning opportunity. The program utilizes audio, video, instructor-led theory, code examples, classroom challenges, and hands-on modules.

Cyber Range

A cyberattack is violent. We prepare your team for battle.

Prepare your team for battle by allowing them to experience the speed, intensity, and violence of real cyberattacks.

The Cyber Range is a highly immersive training experience created by bringing together real-world intelligence, gaming-style video graphics, and a variety of actual attack scenarios.

think NASA-training simulator

Commonly referred to as a “cyber range,” the Cybersecurity Tactical Training Center (CTTC) sounds like the cybersecurity equivalent of a gun range, but it’s more like a NASA training simulator.

Sensato’s 5-day training simulation workshops at the CTTC help teams build muscle memory and team cohesion through a series of attacks that increase in intensity and difficulty.

Cybersecurity leaders trained through the Sensato CTTC emerge armed with the knowledge they need to plan their cybersecurity strategies, brief their boards, and lead their teams for the coming year.