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Icon of a thumbs up and thumbs down to represent compliance

Compliance Manager

Nightingale Compliance Manager (CM) provides organizations with a rapid means of determining maturity as well as managing risk and policy exceptions.
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Detection Manager

Nightingale Detection Manager (DM) combines network and host intrusion detection, honeypots, and vulnerability assessments to provide unparalleled protection.
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Response Manager

Nightingale Response Manager (RM) modernizes incident response by integrating playbooks, rapid response and automated countermeasures.
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Myth buster
We have time to stop an attack in progress.
In 2015, it took attackers almost 86hrs to breach a target.
Today it takes less than 24hrs.

Nightingale Compliance Manager

Maintaining compliance and best practices is a critical component of a holistic cybersecurity program. With Nightingale Compliance Manager, we simplified the compliance challenge to help you focus on what matters most.
Cybersecurity Maturity Manager
Cybersecurity Risk Register
Policy Exception Manager
Threat Tracker
Threat Intelligence Framework
Within hours, you can quickly determine your organization's cybersecurity maturity with the Nightingale Cybersecurity Maturity Manager and facilitate boardroom-to-basement alignment.
A critical component, often embedded in another software tool, is now at the fingertips of those on the front-line of your cybersecurity and privacy programs.
Exceptions to the policy are going to happen. Being able to understand, track, and utilize them as part of your defensive and IR strategy is priceless.
Easily track informational threats and convert them to risks for on-going analysis and distribute using the centralized intelligence framework.
Nightingale includes a centralized threat framework, where a single IoC is instantly distributed to the entire Nightingale community.

Nightingale Detection Manager

The Nightingale Detection Manager represents the heart of the Nightingale platform.  Combining a multi-faceted approach to attack detection, the Nightingale Detection Manager is a powerful ally that simplifies your security strategy.
Asset Fingerprinting & Management
Host Intrusion Detection
Honeypot Technology
Network Intrusion Detection
Vulnerability Detection
Asset identification and tracking with support for asset valuation and high-value target support. A fingerprint database that includes hardware, IoT, IC, and medical devices.
Provides 24x7 monitoring of host-level attacks and attempts. 
A last line of defense is an attacker's worst-case scenario.
Real-time deep packet inspection and event correlation.
CVSS level vulnerability assessment and risk correlation.
Threat Intelligence Framework
World-class SIEM that is fully integrated and robust.
Nightingale includes a centralized threat framework, where a single IoC is distributed to the entire Nightingale community instantly.

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