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The New jersey himss spring event

Patient comfort in the cloud

Sensato is thrilled to announce our attendance for the New Jersey chapter of HIMSS Spring Event entitled, “Patient Comfort in the Cloud”. This event is taking place at Ocean Place Resort & Spa, Long Branch, NJ on Thursday, June 6th 2019. Visit our booth anytime or schedule some time to speak with us during break! Let's meet up...

“Thank you to our partner, Sensato, for...providing such great industry-specific knowledge to fight back against the ever changing landscape of exploits and vulnerabilities that we fight each day.”
—Drew Laroche at Hacking Healthcare 2017, CIO, SecureNetMD

The first healthcare industry conference

Sensato created Hacking Healthcare in 2015, this event was the first healthcare industry conference on cybersecurity. Real-world briefing practices, hands-on labs and interactive forums are used to inform and educate attendees.

In 2016, Sensato added a unique component to Hacking Healthcare: the Night Ops program. A nighttime training evolution that exposes attendees to critical cybersecurity skills, Night Ops combines simulation, real-world intelligence, and gaming to bring together a one-of-kind advanced cybersecurity tactical simulation.