Intelligence Gathering

Be prepared for constantly evolving cyberattacks.

Knowledge is power. It’s critical to understand that intelligence gathering and sharing is a key component in effective cybersecurity.

“Cybersecurity attacks come in many forms, evolving quickly, constantly using new tactics and different approaches. The only way to be prepared is to stay ahead of the attackers.”
—Kelli Watson, Vice President of Solutions Delivery, Sensato

Intelligence Gathering 

Sensato’s Information Sharing & Analysis Organization (ISAO) deploys sensors on client networks, monitoring the traffic coming across the wire so that we can quickly detect suspicious behavior. That’s one level of intelligence gathering. We also monitor more than 8,000 sensors spread throughout the world in 126 different countries

Intelligence Sharing

Sensato is an active part of a wider intelligence community to keep ourselves and our client members up-to-date on and protected from the most recent cybersecurity threats. We are a member of the Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity Initiative, have signed an MOU with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and receive intelligence from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

Constant Evolution

We continually evaluate our services to be sure that we only offer unique programs that provide exceptional value and attention to detail.

Sensato Insight
Cyberattacks are complex and constantly evolving.
And so must be your approach to cybersecurity.

Products & SErvices

All of our products and services are informed by deep levels of intelligence gathering.


We spent over a year researching why people hate and love their security operations center. We then eliminated the pain points, frustration, and focused
our efforts on an unwavering commitment to excellence. We created the Sensato-CTOC. This is the evolution
of cybersecurity operations.
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How vulnerable are you to a cyberattack on your medical devices? There’s currently no regulatory guidance telling hospitals and other healthcare organizations what they must do to protect patients’ health and safety from attacks on medical devices and medical infrastructure. Let Sensato help.
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Train Your Team

Take your team to the next level. Sensato’s training programs and drills help IT teams prepare, defend, and respond. We share our knowledge and expertise of real-world cyberattackers’ tactics and approaches to help you fight on many of fronts.
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