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Unlike any other Security Operations Center on the market.

A command post for managing and responding to cyberattacks. Avoid the time, expense, and resources required to deploy and maintain multiple-point security solutions across your infrastructure with Sensato's Cybersecurity Tactical Operations Center (CTOC).

“We are not a helpdesk, ticket tracking organization or even a 'partner.' We are part of your team—coordinated, accountable and acting with a single, common vision.”
—Bill Bengtson, Information Security Analyst, Sensato

the evolution of security operations

As part of a year long intensive investigation, Sensato studied all forms security operations centers. Findings showed a lot of outdated practices and approaches that are ill-equipped to protect critical environments and respond to critical incidents.

To counter these vulnerabilities, we adopted a military approach centered on command and control, specifically the "tactical operations center" model. We provide the overwatch, the guidance and support that allows you to effectively manage, contain, and respond to cybersecurity incidents on the ground.

Sensato focuses on cybersecurity threat detection and response. Our exclusive and proprietary deployment program delivers advanced threat detection, incident response, and compliance management across your entire environment in days.

Sensato insight

No one is happy with their SOC.

A year long investigation uncovered that no one—from CIO, CISO, and managers to security analysts, security engineers and compliance officers—were happy with their current security operations center.

Our CTOC is different—it was designed to save lives.

What if the response to a breach literally meant the difference between life and death? That's the exact scenario our Cybersecurity Tactical Operations Center (CTOC) was created for.

This is also why cybersecurity is not just a business to us. Standing between good and evil is our mission. It is a calling and true passion for each of us. 

Sensato-CTOC delivers powerful threat detection, incident response, and compliance management across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

Every moment, of every day, we will work side-by-side with you, sharing everything we know to protect you and your organization.

Our people are not some of the best; they are the best. Each handpicked, tested and challenged to the highest standards.

We always maintain an attacker's perspective, which means we can anticipate, analyze, and fight back with the same level of resolve as those who mean to do you harm.

We anticipate, analyze, and fight back with the same level of resolve as those who mean to do you harm.
Up and running within weeks not months, which means lower deployment costs and faster ROI.

Our unique and proprietary Sensato-Connect program can get even very complex environments up and running in weeks. In fact, in many cases we can start protecting your environment in
less than a day.

​This translates to much lower deployment costs, faster realization of value, and, most importantly, a consistent approach and experience for you and your teams.

One of the most advanced threat detection and incident response platforms available today.

We partnered with the world leader in unified threat management, Alien Vault, added our own secret sauce, and developed a technical platform that is one of the most advanced threat detection and incident response platforms available today. It includes thousands of intelligence sensors, NIDS/HIDS, log analysis, behavioral analysis, case management, exception management, native integration with Sensato-Nightingale, INFOCON support and more.

Sensato insight

Many SOCs fail.
Lack of threat intelligence, analysis, training and testing were just some of the ways that SOCs fail. Learn more about our year long investigation into SOCs.


Multiple essential security capabilities in one offering.

Assess & monitor

Centralize and simplify security monitoring across your organization

  • Asset discovery: Visibility into the devices that show up on your network and running in your cloud environments
  • Behavioral monitoring
  • Continuous threat intelligence and monitoring
  • Log management

Detect & Respond

Incident response planning
and response support

  • Intrusion detection
  • NIDS and HIDS included
  • Vulnerability management
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): Real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network hardware

Stay up-to-Date

Access Sensato's on-going intelligence gathering and sharing

  • Continuous, automatic threat intelligence and briefings
  • Sensato’s ISAO monitors traffic on client networks for quick detection of suspicious behavior
  • Privy to intelligence provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigations
Set up Sensato-CTOC in 5 easy steps

Every organization is unique and Sensato creates a custom approach tailored specifically to you. We devote a lot of time getting to know all about your vision, your team, your company culture, your systems, your technical environment and your needs.

We call that Sensato-CTOC: Connect because it’s all about connecting with you and becoming part of your team.

We created our exclusive Discovery 101 methodology to make this process smooth and easy. Using this ground-breaking approach, we provide our price proposal and establish the foundation for moving forward.

Step 2: DESIGN

The second step is the CTOC Technical Design Workshop. This is another Sensato exclusive, designed to ensure that we have a shared vision of success. During the workshop, we will work together to understand the attacker's perspective, design your playbook, learn how to work together when things go wrong, and how to stand together when attackers come knocking.

Step 3: DEPLOY

Deployment is painless—we do all the heavy lifting. In many cases we can complete on-site work and begin monitoring your assets within a day, including deploying HIDS, NIDS, sensors, systems and platforms.


Once we complete on-site deployment, we are connected. You to us and us to you—one team. In the next days after deployment, we work together to optimize how we evolve, respond, and continue walking this path together.

Step 5: CARRY ON

The final step is never ending. We are your team members and thus do not stop at activation—we continue to work with you, meet with you, and allow for mutual learning and evolution.